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BIM Uses

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

There are many different uses for Building Information Modeling. The BIM Project Execution Planning Guide outlines 25 uses, although there are certainly more than 25 uses. The Uses of BIM document outlines an approach to identify, and clearly define, additional uses. We have included brief descriptions of each of the 25 BIM Uses within the BIM Planning Guide on individual pages within this site. These descriptions leverage the initial descriptions within the Guide, along with potential updates and additional references.

BIM Uses by Project Phase

Plan Phase

1. ​Existing Condition Modeling

2. Cost Estimation

3. Phase Planning

4. Programming

5. Site Analysis

Design Phase

1. Design Authoring

2. Design Review

3. Structural Analysis

4. Lighting Analysis

5. Energy Analysis

6. Mechanical Analysis

7. Other Engineering Analysis

8. Sustainability Evaluation

9. Code Validation

Construct Phase

1. 3D Coordination

2. Site Utilization Planning

3. Construction System Design

4. Digital Fabrication

5. 3D Control and Planning

6. Record Modeling

Operate Phase

1. Maintenance Scheduling

1. Building System Analysis

2. Asset Management

3. Space Management

4. Disaster Planning and Management


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