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Simplify your transition to BIM. We help business work better, faster and more creatively with their chosen design tools.

BIM Implementation is about more than just using a digital design tool like Revit. Therefore, DBMS takes a holistic approach to the process of BIM integration and adoption. We help you align your efforts to successful outcomes and have had huge success working with designers and architects across Qatar.


Focused BIM Implementation and Integration.

Our employee has almost 15 years’ experience in using Autodesk Revit and CAD software such as Bentley Microstation 


. Our philosophy has evolved to support the idea that architecture, engineering and construction employer’s needs are best understood by a technology company that is:

  • Architecturally and design focused

  • Industry-approved in Revit and CAD as well as other digital design tools

  • Plain-language practitioners, yet BIM integration and adoption experts

  • Conversant with industry trends

  • Fully entrenched in IT and software development

  • Holistic by intent, eliminating technology and knowledge silos

  • BIM and CAD Approach


DBMS was founded and built on this strong, knowledge-led ethos resulting in a reputation as Qatar’s BIM firm. We are qualified in design, architecture and computer science and fluent in CAD and BIM. Our team of the highly skilled team supports our clients through their technology transitions, project deadlines, and software training. Consequently, we are enablers for BIM, through plain-language explanations of:


  • The Ashqal BIM mandate

  • BIM coordination

  • Sensible, project-centric implementation strategies


Utilizing the Power of CAD and BIM

Finally, by harnessing all facets of BIM and CAD technologies we empower creativity and workflow. Best of all, we deliver client return on investment.

We will ensure there’s a strong technology strategy in place. Your entire organization of people, application software, projects and flow of data and information needs to run smoothly. From model exchanges to CAD drawings, all project information should pass securely between teams, partners and external stakeholders without glitches.

Our joined-up approach to CAD and BIM services means we are able to deliver a seamless service fit for industry success.

Once you’ve got us on board we will ensure that your IT infrastructure is fit for purpose and best practices 




DBMS will work with you, utilizing our 6-Point Plan which includes:

  1. Business Strategic BIM Consulting

  2. Practical Implementation

  3. Technical Assessment and Deployment Plan

  4. Project Startup, Training and Support

  5. Making it Happen

  6. Flexible Managed Support


  1. Business Strategic BIM Consulting

Director Led BIM Management Solutions

They engage with the business owners and top-level staff to:

  • Provide strategic input into decisions about BIM projects, applications, and project plans.

  • Determine how much  time might be required

  • Act as the first point of contact for the account

  • Ensure that the service provided is appropriate and meets the requirements.

  • Provide advice on software, BIM mandates and trends

Because we work as a professional team inside your organization, we are able to bring a wealth of experience to bear. We also work with in-house BIM managers to support them and enhance their job role.  Our mission is to improve productivity, quality, and process.


Furthermore, the exploration and BIM discovery process includes:

  • Discussions about specialist training, implementation and support services for

    • CAD tools (Bentley Microstation) as well as

    • BIM software (Autodesk Revit/Navisworks).

  • Project-focused, tailored delivery to the Workstage, programme and skills needs.

  • High-level strategic support and guidance around appointments, liabilities, the Ashqal BIM mandate, common data environments, and BIM coordination.

Through working with us we can make you look good compared to your peers or clients. In addition, as your trusted advisors, we will represent your interest if and when required.

Practical solutions and plain-language advice.

Typical services consist of:

  • Introductory “What is BIM” CPD.

  • Assistance with BIM Execution Plans.

  • Revit Essentials as well as advanced training.

  • Revit template optimization to suit the ‘house style’.

  • On-site presence to provide at-desk support.

  • Support to teams via our web-based ticket system.

  • NavisWorks training.

  • Advanced workflows for scheduling, room-data, and analysis.

  • COBie, facilities management and owner requirements.

  • Introduction to parametric design tools like Dynamo.

Finally, it can all tie back to first class IT support if you opt for both services.


  1. Practical Implementation

Getting started with BIM Integration and Support

Finally, you’ve got that Revit project. So what happens next? Firstly, we need to attend to the basics. In doing so we would look to review:

  • Existing hardware and network specification.

  • Folder structures for libraries, and projects.

  • Style and publication standards.

  • Design process workflow.

  • Corporate objectives – project size and programme.

  • Personnel roles, responsibilities, skills and goals.